DaniLeigh and Family Speak Out After Instagram Live Incident With DaBaby

DaniLeigh and her family have shared statements in response to the ongoing coverage of an incident with DaBaby that partially took place on IG.

DaniLeigh attends a Grammys brunch.

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DaniLeigh attends a Grammys brunch.

DaniLeigh and members of her family, including the MOVIE artist’s mother, have shared additional statements regarding the recent Instagram Live incident with DaBaby.

As previously reported, DaBaby—who earlier this year made homophobic comments at a festival performance—faced criticism for promoting his upcoming show dates in a statement about a fight he had with DaniLeigh. In short, DaBaby filmed DaniLeigh while she was feeding their infant daughter during a live broadcast. In a subsequent clip, DaniLeigh said DaBaby “called the fucking cops on me” and was trying to get her out of the house.

In a more recent statement that was no longer appearing on DaniLeigh’s IG at the time of this writing, the songwriter and choreographer shared a “last thing” she wanted to clarify. According to a pair of Stories updates, DaniLeigh didn’t initially leave the house because she has no friends or family in the Charlotte area. She explained that she “needed to clear that so y’all don’t think I’m just sitting there while someone ‘kicking me and my baby out.’”

In separate Stories updates that remained live at the time of this writing, DaniLeigh referred to DaBaby as an “evil ass man” and also confirmed she had left the residence. Meanwhile, her family has also spoken out.

An Instagram update from DaniLeigh is shown.
An Instagram update from DaniLeigh is shown.

“I didn’t want to address this until I knew my daughter and granddaughter were safe,” Vicky Curiel, Dani’s mom, said in one post.

Per Curiel, this was “clearly a toxic situation” and the family is now doing everything they can “to make sure [DaniLeigh] and the baby are good.” 

DaniLeigh’s sister Brianna and brother Brandon have also addressed the situation.

While Brandon wants to fight DaBaby, proposing a “one-on-one fade” in his favor, Brianna made a point to rebuke recent comments from the rapper in which he alleged the family had “disowned” the baby.

“It’s very sad that one day in the future the little baby will know this whole problem and what he did to her mother and how he humiliated her,” Brianna said, adding that she would “never wish this situation on anyone.”

Following coverage of the initial back-and-forth on Instagram, during which DaniLeigh pushed back against how she was being portrayed and called DaBaby a “fucking coward,” it was reported that she had since been charged. Per WBTV, DaniLeigh was charged with two counts of simple assault.

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