Chance the Rapper Declares Shia LaBeouf 'One of the Best Freestylists of All Time' on 'Hot Ones'

Chance also talks Christianity, Lil Wayne's unique studio methods, Chance the Snapper, and more with 'Hot Ones' host Sean Evans.

Chance the Rapper is the latest artist to step into the Hot Ones multiverse.

Stating upfront after being reminded of his spicy chicken nuggets crusade that he's "actually not" a fan of dining on the spicier side, Chance immediately put some tips he received from Offset to good use to ensure a more comfortable experience while eating hot wings with host Sean Evans.

"Shia LaBeouf is one of the best freestylists of all time. . . I mean, like, period," Chance said early into the ensuing interview when the topic of the Honey Boy writer/actor’s recent Hot Ones appearance was broached. "He's fire. He can put 'em together."

Chance also gave his takes on previous famous comments on the life of an artist from Noel Gallagher, JAY-Z, Lady Gaga, Lizzo, and more. Speaking specifically on a deleted Lizzo tweet in which she called for the outright unemployment of music critics who don’t make music of their own, Chance towed the line.

"I don't necessarily feel like they should be unemployed but I do feel her to a certain extent," he said. "I don’t feel like that job shouldn't exist or they should be unemployed. . . There's a certain way that they systemically ingest music. It might not be the same way the regular consumer might take that shit in."

About 12 minutes in, the topic of Christianity was broached, ultimately leading into some commentary on Trump-era Kanye's Sunday Service practice. Comparing the performance approach to the usual concert experience, Chance assessed it as—in his opinion—superior.

"I think it's slightly more important because it's doing what we're supposed to do which is shouting praise," he said. "Seeing Kanye get all these people together and reveal these songs of worship that have been around forever to people that may not know them, it's an important thing and I think it's supposed to be happening right now."

Later, Chance was asked to reveal which artist in his extended history of collaborators had the "most fascinating work process" when in the studio.

"Lil Wayne," Chance said, notably feeling the effects of some 135,600 Scoville level saucery. "He just stands in the corner behind you. . . Lil Wayne stands behind you and he's quiet and he doesn't even really bob his head, kinda just looks around, and at a certain he taps the engineer. He goes away into another room, the engineer turns down the music and goes on headphones."

Chance also discussed his 2016 Christmas album with Jeremih, Chance the Snapper, and much more. Catch the full new Hot Ones up top.

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