Cam'ron Sips Libido Drink During CNN Segment on Diddy: 'I’m Going to Get Some Cheeks After This'

While Cam opened the interview by condemning Diddy, the segment quickly went off the rails, ultimately closing out with him asking, "Who booked me for this joint?"

Video via CNN

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Video via CNN

Cam'ron made a brief but swiftly headlined appearance on CNN on Monday night during which he sipped his oft-referenced PinkHorsePower supplement while fielding questions on Diddy.

Specifically, Cam was asked about recently released surveillance footage showing Diddy assaulting Cassie at a Los Angeles hotel in 2016. Asked by Abby Phillip to speak about whether he recognize "that Sean Combs" from the video, the It Is What It Is co-host first condemned not only the assault seen in the footage but also the multiple allegations against Diddy.

"When I seen the video, everything in the video is egregious, I'm against," Cam said. "I don’t support all the charges that’s alleged against him. I don’t support any of that. Trafficking minors, domestic violence. I’m totally against it. So when I seen the video, yeah, I was kinda upset with it, being that I know him. He’s not necessarily a friend but, yeah, I was upset when I seen it."

Abby then again asked a recognition-related question, this time tweaked to inquire as to whether Cam had seen "that kind of anger" from the Bad Boy Records founder in the past. According to Cam, he doesn’t "know him like that." He also took issue with the question itself.

"I don’t know him like that," he said. "What do you mean did I recognize him? I seen him. What you do mean my experiences? I seen him and I thought it was disgusting. I didn’t do a zoom-in to see if it was really him or nothing but he admitted that it was him so, yeah, it was him."

The full Cam’ron interview on CNN 😂

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From there, Diddy’s video statement was brought up by Abby. As previously reported, Diddy shared a video to social media over the weekend in which he said he was taking "full responsibility for my actions" seen in the footage. 

"The apology ain’t for me to decide, it’s for Cassie," Cam said when asked about the apology clip. "What I think about it don’t matter. … You need to ask Cassie how she feels about the apology."

CNN then played a clip from It Is What It Is in which Cam and Mase discussed Diddy’s Bad Boy label. In the clip in question, the focus is put on Mase taking Cam to see the late Notorious B.I.G. with regards to a potential deal, not Diddy. It's at this point that Cam is seen enjoying some of that aforementioned supplement, which is billed as being "designed to empower man's sexual intimacy by helping to improve stamina and libido." After a sip and a pause, Cam teases his post-interview plans.

"Sorry, I’m going to get some cheeks after this horsepower drink," he said. He then answered the host's question about whether there was a more industry-wide understanding that Diddy didn't treat his artists well. Cam used this opportunity to plug It Is What It Is.

"I’m just going off what Mase said," Cam said. "Mase took me to Biggie. I don’t really know Puff like Mase knows Puff. I appreciate what Mase said and, of course, that’s my brother. So if he felt that way, then he felt that way. I can’t really tell you how Puff moves or anything like that. Mase may know better than me because he was signed to Puff. I wasn’t. But my show does come on at 8 a.m. EST on YouTube. It’s called It Is What It Is. Make sure y'all check it out. Y'all might get some more information out of Mase from there."

Abby pushed deeper on her questioning, zeroing in on industry protection speculation, but Cam wasn’t having it.

"Who the talent agent for this joint?" he asked. "Like, you think I be sitting around watching what Diddy do and all this? I didn’t know this was a Diddy joint that y’all invited me to. Yo, who booked me for this joint? Y’all wildin.'"

Cam later addressed the interview on social media, including via a Stories update in which he quoted his famous Bill O'Reilly interview from 2003. See more below. 

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As for PinkHorsePower, notably, Cam promoted the supplement back in April of last year with a video featuring Diddy.

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