Big Sean Talks Controversial Eminem Verse, Jhené Aiko, and Greatness on 'Breakfast Club'

Big Sean digs deep into 'I Decided' on 'The Breakfast Club,' including that Eminem verse you may have heard a thing or two about.

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With his new album I Decided currently on track for a huge Billboard debut, Big Sean decided (no pun intended) to step into the Breakfast Club zone for a 30-minute discussion on that Trump-shredding Eminem verse, Jhené Aiko, and much more. As Sean noted at the top of the interview, I Decided marks the first time he's eschewed the physical album format entirely.​

"I didn't do that because I didn't want it leaking," Sean explained Thursday. "And I wanted to work on it until, like, as soon as possible. When you gotta do physical albums, you gotta turn it in way before it goes to the plants and I didn't want to risk that." The Migos-featuring "Sacrifices," for example, wasn't completed until the very last minute.

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Hilariously, just eight minutes into the interview, Sean jokingly calls Charlamagne That God a "scumbag ass" when talking relationships. As for Sean's own personal life, putting it "on the record" is a commitment he long ago made to himself. However, when Charlamagne and the Breakfast Club crew started pressing harder for Jhené Aiko details, Sean called her a "great person" and then promptly moved on.

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Addressing ongoing GOAT debates, Sean recommended we not get it twisted. "Let's not get it twisted," Sean said. "Every time I step into that booth, I feel like I'm the best rapper. I feel like I'm the best at what I do." According to Sean, what's the point of doing anything if you don't feel like you're the best?

Speaking of GOATs, Sean isn't sweating any controversy surrounding Eminem's "No Favors" verse. "I'm a fan of the lyrics," Sean said. "I'm a fan of Eminem. I'm a fan of Slim Shady. That's what I felt like I was listening to when I heard that verse."

Peep the full Breakfast Club chat above.


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