Amber Rose Claps Back at Tyga After He Throws Some Not-So-Subtle Shade at Blac Chyna

The Ferrari saga continues, as Tyga appeared to throw a bit of shade at Blac Chyna. Amber Rose clapped back with class.

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In terms of music, feuds, and general public opinion, Tyga hasn't exactly had a slam dunk year. In addition to not rising to the occasion of Mike Dean and Kanye West's co-production assist on The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, he's managed to extend what should have been a quick publicity misfire into a multi-chapter saga of ridiculousness:

The Ferrari in question, of course, is the one he reportedly gifted to his significant other Kylie Jenner for her recent 18th birthday. In typical anti-Tyga fashion, rumors started swirling across several esteemed literary journals regarding the possibility that Tyga didn't actually purchase the top-tier automobile himself, but instead had Kylie lease it in her own name.

Shortly after this Ferrari tomfoolery began, Blac Chyna shared a 'gram displaying her new Audi, a 'gram noticeably free of possible Tyga shade:

Sensing a moment to reignite the shade war, Tyga then reportedly took to Snapchat, the place where only good things happen, to unveil the following Audi-centered gem:

If only there was a singular voice of reason, someone to step into the debate armed not with memes and GIFs, but a simple 'gram that effectively stomps out this Ferrari saga for good. Thankfully, Amber Rose more than provides:

R.I.P. Great Ferrari Saga of 2015, right? 

Sadly, no:


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