Zach Zoya and Soran Are Feeling Homely on "Strangers In The House"

Youtube Trending Artist On The Rise Zach Zoya has just shared his new single "Strangers In The House," a collaboration with Montreal artist Soran.

Montreal mainstays Zach Zoya and Soran have linked up to share their chill new track “Strangers In the House”. 

The lyric video for “Strangers In The House” takes place in Soran’s home, where he and Zoya wrote the song. The laid-back instrumentals and melodic vocals match Zoya’s vision for the track. 

“I wanted it relaxed and void of pretentiousness—just a faithful representation of our emotions,” he says. “It’s explicit, honest and very literal. We wanted the listener to feel like they were on the couch, living the moment with us.” 


In an interview with Complex Canada back in 2020, Zoya explained that he wants to show off his broad musical abilities in his work. “I want to establish that I can do more than one thing. It’s not that I wanted to prove myself, it’s that I can already do these things, but it takes time in music to show everything you do. The whole point is to let people know, because I’m going to go further in all these directions and I want the transition from rap to more melodic stuff to be smooth. I don’t want anyone to hit a wall, so this is an introduction and the best way to give a good taste of where I want to go.”

Zoya was recently named a YouTube Trending Artist On The Rise. He recently partnered with NFL Canada for an exclusive Pepsi Halftime Show performance  where he covers “LOVE” by Kendrick Lamar. He’s also been picked up by SoundCloud as a showcase performer for their Black History Month initiative.

Zoya says his sophomore EP is on the way. 

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