Dylan Sinclair Drops "Lifetime," Announces ‘No Longer in the Suburbs’ EP

Dylan Sinclair has just announced his upcoming EP 'No Longer in the Suburbs' with his new single, "Lifetime." He has also shared a visualizer for the track.

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Dylan Sinclair has just announced his upcoming EP with grounding new track “Lifetime”. 

A laid-back and pensive track, “Lifetime” was co-produced by ROWAN and Jordon Manswell, the latter of whom has worked with the likes of Daniel Caesar and Mariah Carey. The song shows Sinclair clinging onto his roots as he assures himself he won’t change too much in light of his newfound fame. “I hope I don’t change like the wind/ I hope you don’t miss who I am someday,” he sings softly over the track, proving himself as self-aware and assured as ever. 

Sinclair’s new EP, No Longer in the Suburbs, is set to release on May 11. A coming of age record, the EP is slated to show Sinclair’s transition from teenager to young adult. “No Longer in the Suburbs really represents the search for that stimulation, that faster life or those experiences that when you’re old, you get to look back on them and be like, yeah, I did that and with people that I love,” says Sinclair about the project.

Sinclair is gearing up for a big year, as we predicted on our list of Canadian artists to watch out for in 2022. He also recently appeared on Savannah Ré’s single, “Last One.”

Check out the visualizer for “Lifetime” above, and stream the song below:


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