Drake and Future's "Wait for U" Music Video Was Filmed at Toronto's Casa Loma

Drake and Future paid homage to the former's hometown by filming at one of its most iconic and notable locations, Casa Loma, for the "Wait for U" music video.

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Ever the one to pay homage to his hometown, Drake brought Future and Tems to one of Toronto’s most iconic landmarks to film a music video. 

The Director X-helmed video for Future’s “Wait for U” brings viewers back to the Middle Ages, set at the city’s famous mid-town castle, Casa Loma. The venue seemed thrilled to host the shoot, sharing behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot on their official Instagram page. 

Future plays the “toxic king” who can never do enough for his queen in the “Wait for U” video. It shows snapshots of our toxic king at a candlelit dinner surrounded by beautiful women while the queen catches onto him having many lovers. Featuring Drake as the king’s messenger who engages in a sword fight to save a damsel in distress, the video is extremely tongue-in-cheek. 

As Future duels and defeats another man, the video ends with the queen opening the king’s message that reads, “I am goodeth beloved. Enjoyeth.” This is obviously a reference to the viral screenshots of Future turning down a woman who slid into in his DMs by saying “I’m good luv. Enjoy.”

Drake has never been shy about his love for Casa Loma, celebrating his 31st birthday with the Raptors in the steakhouse in the castle’s basement.

Future released his album I NEVER LIKED YOU just last week. Read our first impressions of the album here.

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