Master P Claims He Was Actually in the Running for an NBA Coaching Job

"I was up for that job last year."

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Master P's own NBA career was over almost before it started. But the general of the No Limit army has never quite given up on his hoop dreams, going so far as to start his own basketball league

So it wasn't really a surprise back in March when P announced that he wanted an NBA coaching job, and was determined to make it happen with the New Orleans Pelicans. What is a surprise is that, at least according to P himself, he was actually in the running. 

In a new interview with TMZ, P says that he was "up for" a job as the Pelicans' assistant coach at some point last year. "I would have turned that team around... I could have pushed that team over in the top. That should be a championship team right now."

You can watch P's whole interview above. And keep your eyes peeled for his GMGB (Global Mixed Gender Basketball) league, which so far has had one exhibition game, with the next one happening in just a few days. The league's website lists four teams: the New Orleans Gators, the Atlanta Heirs, the Washington (D.C.) Fusion, and the Chicago Vikings. The inaugural season is scheduled to happen in 2018.

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