Joe Budden Releases New Drake Diss “Wake"

Joe Budden releases a second vicious Drake diss, “Wake."

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Early Wednesday morning, Joe Budden took to Twitter to announce the release of another Drake diss song called "Wake."

The song features Budden calling Drizzy out for not responding to his initial diss, "Making A Murderer (Part 1)." It opens with an excerpt from a eulogy scene from the TV show Eastbound & Down, which Budden helpfully links to on his new song's Soundcloud page.

Among the highlights is when Budden calls Drake out on his propensity for borrowing styles from other artists, even at the expense of those artists' careers. "We want a Party album," Budden raps, referring to OVO signee PARTYNEXTDOOR. "But you keep stealing all of Party album/To go and put it on your party album." 

Initial reaction to the track on Twitter was crazy:

Woooo @JoeBudden is breathing that khaleesi dragon fire on hiphop, y'all better get new pens. 🔥🔥🔥

— Jeremy 🇰🇪 (@GutturalVoice_) July 6, 2016

"Lets see if he get charged up now" #RipAubrey #Wake @JoeBudden

— CoreyDale™ (@C_Dale409) July 6, 2016

"so I load all the guns take half the clips, I just noticed you run we mentioned half the Clipse" 😂😂 #wake @JoeBudden

— Keenan (@Keenan_ink) July 6, 2016

@JoeBudden Holy shit.....Y U DO DIS! This is absolute murder. *Shakes Joe's Hand*


You can listen to "Wake" below.

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