Ballin'! Jim Jones Signs With Roc Nation (UPDATED)

Old rivalries are apparently laid to rest with a new deal.

UPDATED 2/8/17 6:40 p.m. ET: It's official. Jim Jones has confirmed he's a part of the Roc Nation family. On Wednesday, the 40-year-old rapper announced the entertainment company will manage all business endeavors on his behalf. He said the decision shows just how far he and his former foe Jay Z have come. In an interview with TMZ, he noted that he hasn't actually talked to Hov yet, but that Jay signed off on the deal. 

Jim Jones talks about squashing beef with Jay Z, signing to Roc Nation, and HOV making an appearance on his next album

— JAY-Z Daily (@JAY_Z_Daily) February 9, 2017

“The fact that people are ready to forget the past and help me move fwd to the next step of my career is very inspiring,” Jones said in a press release. “As you get older you realize that most of your peers are either dead or in jail. The fact that we can move passed the BS is a testimony of how much we have grown.”

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The history between Jay Z and the Harlem-based Diplomats crew has long been a thorny one. Under the supervision of Jay's Roc-a-fella Records, Diplomats mainstay Cam'ron had the biggest record of his career, and Roc-a-fella co-founder Dame Dash and Diplomats capo Jim Jones grew up together. 

But starting in the mid-2000s, a series of personal and business disagreements led to bad blood between (and within) the two camps, with diss tracks flying back and forth (and back...and forth...)

Now, it appears all of that is at an end. On Tuesday, Vic Medina of Roc Nation posted a photo on Instagram of Jim Jones signing some paperwork. He captioned it, "It's a done deal... Jim Jones/Roc Nation." 

No details are available yet about the nature of the deal, but many fans were surprised, given that Jones was still dropping Jay Z diss songs as recently as two years ago

Wait Jim jones signed a contract with roc nation after all that shit he talked about jay?

— …….. 🇳🇬 (@Taden90) February 8, 2017

Jim Jones signed to Roc Nation and I have soooooo many questions man

— BIG BRUH (@Keyz216) February 8, 2017

Jim Jones signing with roc nation has the younger me so confused 🙇🏾

— Señor Lon Juan (@Lonnybeasy) February 8, 2017

We will update the story as details about this unexpected deal become available.

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