JT Gives Fans Instructions for Listening to Her New Single "OKAY" Amid Increased Crackdown on Fake Streams

The rapper shared a list of tips and tricks on how fans can support her new single on Spotify and Apple Music.

Woman smiling, performing on stage with microphone, wearing a stylish corset top and trousers. Lights in background
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Woman smiling, performing on stage with microphone, wearing a stylish corset top and trousers. Lights in background

City Girls rapper JT is testing out a hotly debated marketing strategy as she promotes her new solo single "OKAY."

On Friday after releasing the new track, JT shared a post on X with a list of tips and tricks on how her fans can "support" her new song. The post, which seems to be originally made by a fan on X who goes by @cliqueminaj, details what strategies fans can use to stream the song in order to rack up streaming numbers for JT, while avoiding Spotify and Apple Music's increasing crackdown on fake streams.

The list of tips includes things like not playing the song on loop, creating a playlist with filler songs in between, not using a VPN to stream, and more tactics to ensure that every stream of "OKAY" counts.

"How to support my lastest single OKAY! #OKAYJT," the rapper posted.

Image summarizes steps to support the single "OKAY" by JT, detailing playlists, streaming guidelines, and social media strategies for fans

Users on X were quick to criticize JT's post, some recalling Justin Bieber's controversial "Yummy" streaming strategy, where he also shared specific instructions with fans on how to get his single to No. 1. Of course, the rapper's die-hard fans were more than happy to "follow the assignment."

justin bieber during the yummy era

— jake ♱ (@bdayrems) April 26, 2024
Twitter: @bdayrems

Nah this is embarrassing however I do remember Justin Bieber pulling some bs like this with yummy when Roddy Ricch was blowing up 2020 😵 crazy to see for a once mainstream artist! Underground I would understand. https://t.co/FyYpDzRnPE pic.twitter.com/HgdhftNx1e

— ⚕️🌊🆘Solana's Rescue🆘🌊⚕️ (@WC_Solly) April 26, 2024
Twitter: @WC_Solly

Didn’t realize enjoying music came with an ikea instruction manual

— Svetz (@Svetz17) April 26, 2024
Twitter: @Svetz17

Followed these steps like an assignment !!

— Alleyezonme (@BackKing2018) April 26, 2024
Twitter: @BackKing2018

At the beginning of April, Spotify rolled out yet another policy attempting to crackdown on "fraud," which includes the heavily criticized decision to remove monetization from all songs with less than 1,000 streams. Apple Music has also made its own efforts to reduce fake streams.

Despite pushback from some, JT's post remains on X. As platforms like Spotify and Apple Music continue tightening restrictions on which streams count, we may see more artists giving their fans similar instructions in the near future.

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