Drake Traveled to Memphis to Give His Cousin the Proper Prom Send-Off

Drake gave his favorite cousin her “best day everrrr” thanks to an emoji-filled, Instagram look into her prom night.

Spring typically marks the beginning of prom season in the U.S. And while there’s a commonly held assumption that Drake ditched his senior prom (and high school altogether) in lieu of his Degrassi role that turned into a rather successful rap career, that didn’t stop him from partaking in the joys of senior prom with one of the younger members of his family. 

You know those cousins in Memphis Drake references on tracks like “Jumpman,” “Paris Morton Music,” and “Life Story?” One of them happens to be Jalaah Moore—a cousin Drake says he loves “more than anything in the world” who also has photographic proof of their familial bond. Jalaah recently attended her prom at Memphis’ Fairley High School, and Drake was on hand for what appeared to be the send-off.

For the uninitiated, the prom send-off is a flamboyant pre-prom gathering that sometimes eclipses the actual prom in terms of extravagance. If you read a headline about a high school student going full-on Beyoncé before attending her prom, it was most likely about a send-off. In terms of pre-prom stunting, bringing out your multi-platinum cousin fresh off a critically acclaimed album scores high marks.

Jalaah and her over 14,000 Instagram followers got some behind-the-scenes looks at her gearing up for what she deemed the “best day everrrr." Jalaah and her date opted for a gold, Lamé look, which probably takes a spot next to Drake’s Bar Mitzvah-inspired “HYFR” video in terms of teenage do-overs.

Jalaah previously earned high praises from Drake for securing the title of Homecoming Queen back in October, so it’s safe to say her IG profile may further increase after earning the vaunted “celebratory hands” emoji from her famous Canadian cousin on prom night.

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