Statik Selektah Hits Picture of 'F*cking Clown' Akademiks, Says He Doesn't Know Anything About Hip-Hop

Statik doesn't think Ak's credentials are valid enough for him to cover hip-hop culture.

(Photo by Arturo Holmes / Getty Images), (Photo by Earl Gibson III / Getty Images)

Statik Selektah doesn't know how Akademiks has become a prominent person in the beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake with his news coverage.

On Friday, the legendary DJ and producer shared a post on his Instagram questioning Akademiks' credentials, given he's been one of the top news sources throughout this beef between Drizzy and K Dot. According to Statik, he was disappointed to see people like Elliott Wilson and Joe Budden give Ak a platform to speak on anything going on in the culture.

"I just woke up seeing that Elliott Wilson, Joe Budden, and all these people still give this fucking clown Akademiks a fucking platform. Stop it," he said. "Listen, shout out to Kendrick Lamar, shoutout to Drake. I love all this battle rap shit. Stop putting Akademiks on your fucking platforms. Clowns out here."

He continued, "When the fuck did we start letting clowns that don't know anything about hip-hop be in this shit period that know nothing about this shit. Fucking nerd."

In the last slide, Statik had a picture of Akademiks' face taped to a punching bag and channeled his late friend Prodigy to give the social media personality a stern warning.

"In the words of my man Prodigy, there's a war going on outside nobody is safe from," he said before dishing out a 1-2 punch combo on the punching bag.

Akademiks has been giving first-hand coverage of the beef between Drake and Kendrick, and he was recently mentioned in the latter's new scathing diss song, "6:16 in LA," which was released on Friday. In the song, Kenny says he's been going so hard on Drake he can see that one of his biggest fans, Ak, is even "compromised."

"Yeah, somebody's lyin', I can see the vibes on Ak / Even he lookin' compromised, let's peel the layers back," K Dot rapped. During a livestream, Ak was stunned to hear his name in the new diss track and asked why he was mentioned. 

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