Ludacris Says He Could Beat Jay-Z in a Verse Writing Competition

Luda said going up against Hov would have put his all into the competition.

Two men at events; left wears a striped cardigan and chains, right dons a black cap and jacket
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Two men at events; left wears a striped cardigan and chains, right dons a black cap and jacket

Ludacris has claimed he would come out on top in a verse writing competition with Jay-Z.

During his conversation with Cam Newton on his show Funky Friday with Cam Newton, the Atlanta rap legend played a game of Win or Lose. In the category of music video, Luda said he would win over DaBaby, but paid homage Missy Elliott, losing to her in the same catergory.

In the catergory of hooks, Ludacris loses to Drake. In freestyling, he said he would win over Lil Wayne.

In verses, Luda said he would beat Hov when it came down to writing a fire verse. According to Luda, going up against someone like Jay-Z would make him want to put his all into the competition.

"A verse, ah, I would have to say win. I would win on that one," he said at around the 49:40 mark. "That's a strong statement to say that 'cause again, Hov is definitely one of my favorites as well. Verses, man, I'm just gon' go in and metaphor and style, in terms of like flow, I'm a kill that shit." 

He added, "It's not to say that Hov is not gon' kill that s**t. But I'm like when you say s**t like that and it puts me in a category like 'Oh s**t, I'm going against Hov,' I got to, like every f**king word, every line, every style, every flow, every metaphor, I got to go."

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Ludacris also brought up his collaboration with Jay-Z and Nas titled "I Do It for Hip Hop" off his 2008 album Theater of the Mind. "You gotta go back and listen to there was a song with me, Nas and Hov on my album called 'I Do It for Hip Hop' [that was] so dope."

At the 52:20 mark, Luda shares his thoughts versus J. Cole in writing, versus 50 Cent in acting, and rating millennial rappers: Gucci Mane, Future, André 3000, Rocko, Big Boi, 2 Chainz, T.I., Pastor Troy, Jeezy, Waka Flocka Flame, Ludacris, and Killer Mike.

Last year, Luda revealed that Jay told him he deserves more credit as an MC, but his comical music videos stopped him from getting that recognition.

"It was big, but there was a downside to it because even Jay-Z was one of the ones that said, you know, he don't think I get the lyrical credit that I deserve because of the visuals," Luda said during a visit to the All the Smoke podcast.

"People ask me, 'Why don't you think get the credit?' Because I played too goddamn much, that's what I do! And I wouldn't have it any other way. That's why my name is Ludacris, because it's beyond crazy, it's wild, it's ridiculous."

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