Troy Ave Vents About His Travel Ban: ‘They Need to Free Troy Ave’

Troy Ave has been restricted from performing in his own city or leaving the country to tour.

Troy Ave Travel Ban Venting

Image via Getty/Johnny Nunez

Troy Ave Travel Ban Venting

Troy Ave is fed up with his travel restrictions preventing him from performing in his own hometown of New York City, and leaving the country to tour and thereby generate income. It’s been a long road for Troy, who was charged with one count of second degree attempted murder in 2016 after a shootout at Irving Plaza resulted in the death of Ronald McPhatter—Troy’s bodyguard and friend. The rapper has steadily maintained his innocence, claiming it was the venue’s weak security that led to the incident in the first place, and that he was merely trying to defend himself. 

While Troy has filed a lawsuit against Irving Plaza and has a loyal fan base on his side, this hefty legal thorn in the rapper’s side has caused him incredible frustration, helplessness, and been a serious roadblock to his career trajectory and income stream. Troy posted a video earlier today, wherein he’s exiting the NYC Criminal Court in downtown Manhattan and getting all of this off his chest.

“It’s an injustice,” he said. “They need to free Troy Ave. I can't go out the country to perform. How? I’m on half a million dollar bail. It don’t make no sense.” The rapper continued venting by focusing on the travel ban and unfair treatment he’s been receiving.

“Why I can’t perform in my own city? How? I’m not the villain,” he said. “It’s crazy. They need to free Troy Ave, man. How is there no self-defense in New York City?” The rapper then turned his attention to the confusing regional laws, seemingly not allowing him to defend himself when his life is in actual danger. 

“He killed an unarmed child,” he said, referring to the shooter at Irving Plaza that fateful night in 2016. “He tried to take my life, and I can’t defend myself. That’s crazy. I gotta have more rights, I woulda laid down and died that night.”

Troy is stating that his alleged self-defense is what kept him alive, but is also the same thing that has gotten him in so much legal trouble. Clearly, the rapper is frustrated with the laws, and how his case has been handled. Hopefully, his restrictions are loosened sooner rather than later, so the man can keep earning a living.

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