Latto Shares Video for New Track "Soufside"

After dropping the funky pop-leaning track "Big Energy" back in September, Latto returned today with "Soufside," a hard-hitting trap song focused on her lyrics.

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After dropping the funky pop-leaning track “Big Energy” back in September, Latto returned today with “Soufside,” a hard-hitting rap track that showcases her lyrical versatility on the microphone.

In the track’s music video, Latto cruises around her hometown in a pink car, repping her roots at every given opportunity as she flexes her influence as an MC. “I’m from the southside, poppin’ shit like I run shit,” she raps on the track’s hook. “I’m from the southside, not the two I’m the one, bitch.” “Soufside” is a different vibe from “Big Energy,” but both tracks are set to appear on her upcoming project, which Latto has been tight-lipped about in regards to details.

She rapped more on her versatility in a recent freestyle with L.A. Leakers. “Bitch, stop playin’ with my pen, I been that since 16,” she rapped over Yung LA’s “Ain’t I.” “The pitch mean, I’m pullin’ rap hoes’ cards like the vaccine/Y’all seen on the flat screen, I’m a rap bitch bad dream/ Write, rap, and sing, plus the looks, bitch I’m a cash machine.”

It’s true that Latto’s success has skyrocketed recently. The artist performed at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards in September and received two nominations for "Best New Artist” and “Best Female Hip Hop Artist” at the 2021 BET Awards back in June. But in a recent interview with “Hot Freestyle,” she said that she’s already starting to expand into other ventures as quickly as possible because she knows how fleeting music fame can be. “At the rate this music shit going, people be, they be tuned in for only so long. Once you on, your time start ticking, you know what I’m saying? I don't wanna rap forever so, just setting myself up for longevity.”

Check out the new music video for “Soufside” up top and stream the track below.


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