Crunchy Black Slams Soulja Boy Over Young Dolph Comments: ‘F*ck Him’

Memphis legend Crunchy Black blasted Soulja Boy over recent comments the "Crank That" rapper made in the wake of Young Dolph's tragic murder.

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Memphis legend Crunchy Black has a bone to pick with Soulja Boy over his disrespectful comments towards the late Young Dolph.

In an interview with Cam Capone News, the former Three 6 Mafia hype man took aim at Soulja. 

“He the first one, nationwide, the first dick sucker” Black at the start of the video above. “Fuck Soulja Boy. Fuck Soulja Boy. He ain’t talkin’ bout nothin’.” He added that Soulja Boy should “go make another video game and call it ‘I’m the first one to suck dick.’ Fuck Soulja Boy, I don’t wanna talk about Soulja Boy.” 

Black’s comments were in response to comments Soulja made in the wake of Young Dolph’s murder. The two were beefing right before he died, and Soulja said in an Instagram Live video last week that he’s not necessarily sad about it. “Big Homie dead, i’m supposed to be sad and shit like what the fuck n***a?” the rapper said in the video. “Y’all n***a lame, man y’all got me fucked up. Cause if that woulda been me, y’all n***a’s would have been laughing and shit and crackin’ jokes. There wouldn’t have been no rest in peace Soulja Boy.” 

“Rest in peace, Dolph” Black said after shutting down questions related to the “Crank That” rapper. “Hate that this happened to somebody in my city you get what I’m saying? We supposed to be pimpin’ man, you know what I’m talking bout? Not killin’ other rappers and sh*t, you know what I’m saying? We supposed to get some money, but you know, it is what it is. Everybody ain’t on the same page anymore.” 

Check out the full interview with Crunchy Black above.

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