Cordae Talks Through His Experience of Getting in Shape and Losing 35 Pounds

Cordae shed some serious pounds since late 2020, and the 'From a Bird's Eye View' rapper spoke on his weight loss in a recent interview with Big Boy.

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Cordae shed some serious pounds over the last year and a half. The From a Bird’s Eye View rapper spoke on his dramatic weight loss in a recent interview, saying an impending magazine cover shoot inspired him to lose 35 lbs.

“I had to do a GQ cover,” Cordae said when asked by radio host Big Boy about what inspired him. “I’m speaking my truth. I had to do a GQ cover and was like, ‘Man, if I don’t get in shape to do a GQ cover, what ever in life is gonna motivate you to get in shape?’”

The 24-year-old said he started getting in shape in November 2020, and now maintains a healthier lifestyle. He said he lost the “majority of the weight” in the first six-to-eight months and that the experience increased his confidence.

“I feel more confident. Like I said, I’m a little shallow. When you look good, you feel good; when you feel good, you do good; and when you do good, they pay good,” Cordae said. “That’s why it’s important to feel good.”

Cordae dropped off his new album From a Bird’s Eye View on Friday, which features Gunna, Lil Wayne, Lil Durk, H.E.R., Freddie Gibbs, and Stevie Wonder.

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Check out Cordae’s before and after photos of the weight loss below, and watch him speak about the experience up top.

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