Premiere: Watch Vince Staples' "Screen Door" Video

Directed by Spike Jordan and C. Blacksmith.


Back in October, Long Beach rapper Vince Staples dropped his highly anticipated EP, Hell Can Wait. One of its standout tracks, "Screen Door," gets the video it deserves today, directed by Spike Jordan and C. Blacksmith. On the track, which plays on the opening line of N.W.A.'s "Straight Outta Compton" to kick things off, Staples details a compelling story about his own father, and what drugs and selling them, did to his childhood and family. Over production from Hagler, Staples spits two heavy verses and a hypnotizing hook, "Who's that peekin' in my screen door? I got what you need, what you fiend for?" that comes to life in the video. Fellow Cutthroat Boyz member Aston Matthews makes a cameo towards the end of the video to close things out. Watch his last video for "Fire" as well and peep our recent interview with him below.


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