Tidal's Per Stream Payouts Are Higher Than Spotify's, But Those Leaked Reports Aren't True

A rep for Tidal confirms that the leaked numbers are incorrect.

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Despite all the negative feedback and that whole #TidalFacts debacle, it looks like Tidal really is set out to help artists—both established and up-and-coming. According to a report leaked to Digital Music News, an unnamed independent label has released its March earnings report, and from the looks of it, Tidal's pay outs per stream are much higher than Spotify. According to Spotify's de-briefer, its average “per stream” payout to rights holders is "between $0.006 and $0.0084." The leaked report states Tidal pays out an average of $0.014​ per stream. However, a rep for Tidal says the reports aren't true. "This is not one of TIDAL’s royalty statements—for the same period (March 2015) as this purported ‘leaked’ statement, TIDAL paid an average royalty per stream of $0.024-0.028, or double the royalty shown in the statement," a Tidal rep told Complex.

As the Spotify v. Tidal war continues, at least one of those #TidalFacts have proven to be true.

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