Premiere: Hot Sugar "Made Man"

Featuring appearances from Antwon, Lakutis, Heems, Big Baby Gandhi, Chippy Nonstop and more.

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New York producer Hot Sugar releases his latest EP, Made Man, today. The 10-track EP features appearances from Antwon, Lakutis, Heems, Big Baby Gandhi, Chippy Nonstop and more. 

We spoke with Hot Sugar about his EP via email, and he talked about how working and developing Associative Music techniques has given him more power creatively, and how his sounds have evolved.  The "Associative Music" technique means that a majority of his music is based on field recordings, like this rat example from a teaser

"I’m not restricted by programs, synths or soundkits anymore. Soundwise, everything in this world is my employee. I can turn anything into an instrument then make it play a melody or rhythm," he said. "If I point to a butterfly or a fire hydrant and say, 'Hey, you're in my band now, so play this,' it will do it and no one can legally stop me."

He also spoke on the features on his EP and how he feels "very lavished, spoiled, protected and untouchable" by being able to have a ton of his favorite artists on the EP.

"I feel like a Made Man. This EP embodies the results of my Associative Music recording techniques (including a song written/performed by a rat, recordings from inside an airplane in flight, underground caves, etc.) along with performances from some of my favorite vocalists," he said.

Peep the tracklist and stream Made Man below:
1. Erica (f/ The GTW)
2. Mama, Im a Man (f/ Antwon, Lakutis & Big Baby Gandhi)
3. In & Out (f/ Kool AD)
4. Dripping Dimes (f/ Ne$$, Nasty Nigel, & Chippy Nonstop)
5. Zanny Bath (f/ Bill Ding)
6. Blessed (f/ Big Baby Gandhi)
7. Born 2 (f/ Heems)
8. Watermelon (f/ Open Mike Eagle)
9. Future Primitive Art School (f/ Kool AD & Big Baby Gandhi)
10. 56 K 

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