This Frank Ocean Album Cover Going Around Twitter Is Not Real

It's a 2012 photo by NABIL.

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Image via Complex Original

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While we're all anxiously awaiting the release of Frank Ocean's Boys Don't Cry project, Twitter and his fans seem to have taken that excitement to another level. The above image has been circulating online since earlier this month—one of the first instances was when Ocean's fan account, @FrankOceanBDC, tweeted this: 

Frank Ocean is releasing his highly anticipated album this month. God is real.

Unfortunately, the photo is a 2012 shot by NABIL that Ocean reblogged to his Tumblr

So, while we wait for more details, don't get your hopes up... just yet. We've reached out to his team for comment but, let's be real, he's keeping all of this under wraps.

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