Here's Father's "Young Hot Ebony (Remix)" Video

Off Father's "Young Hot Ebony" project.

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Who needs a ton of rappers and their crews when you can just throw a ton of beautiful women in a video to rap your song for you? For Father's "Young Hot Ebony (Remix)" video, Awful Records enlist young hots Ella Hu$$le, Venus Rose, OHDESTINYArelie Gutierrez​ and Jessica Fant and director GIL-TA to create some bare-bone, in-your-face visuals. Hopefully Father does the same thing on his tour. 

"We did the video like this because women rule the world and there's not enough of them in rap videos anymore," Richposlim told Complex. "Ladies love cool Awful. Plus it's fucking fun shit—rap ain't fun no more, we like fun."

You can download the song, which features Richposlim and iLOVEMAKONNEN here and grab Father's Young Hot Ebony project over on Soundcloud right now.

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