Premiere: Yellow Days Shares "How Can I Love You?" Video

The U.K. singer's soulful voice and mesmerizing visual make a perfect match.

When Yellow Days spoke with Pigeons & Planes last year, he described the term "genre" as dated, citing the blurred lines that exist in today's music as the reason. The U.K. artist has followed suit with a unique sound that shines on "How Can I Love You?" and the accompanying visual looks to keep in line with his aesthetic.

Lines like, "If only life had more colors, I could see" are contrasted with the mesmerizing video, as each scene transitions in a vertical motion, finding the singer placed in rooms that span across the color spectrum. Each room conveys a different, but equally potent image. What starts off as a simple setting of suburban living slowly turns into a descent that transforms the artist into a distorted figure, as he sings melodies surrounded by nothingness.

"The song is about missing a loved one and struggling with the feelings that come with that. Longing for greater meaning and understanding of the give and take of life. With that in mind, the video relates to that as it takes a tour through the mind that's in that state," Yellow Days explained. "The video came about through myself and director, Jamie Whitby, trying to depict the inner layers of my mind, almost as if I'm taking the audience on a tour through the different parts. Ending in the void of darkness which symbolizes the core of the self. I'm taking the audience on a journey through my memories, as if the different floor layers are a metaphor for my mind."

In addition to his current tour run in Europe, Yellow Days will be performing stateside through the month of November. Check out the video for "How Can I Love You" above, and visit his website for merch and more tour info.

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