Offset on 'Fortnite': 'That Sh*t for Kids, That Sh*t Wack'

Offset wanted to make it clear that he prefers traditional shooters like 'Call of Duty' over the immensely popular battle royale game.

While many rappers consider Fortnite to be the go-to game to play, don't expect for Offset to be picking up the sticks for a match any time soon.

During one of Cardi B's recent live streams, the Migos rapper was found enjoying a game while in the company of his wife. When Cardi asked him about his feelings on the immensley popular game, he gave a lightning quick response.

"That shit for kids, that shit wack," he said. "I like Call of Duty, get your ass in the field, real game. If you gon' die, you gon die. All that building up, it ain't real life."

He then continued to highlight the inclusion of several different characters, as Fortnite's popularity has allowed it to crossover with several equally famous IPs. "It's really for the little kids though. You got Bugs Bunny and shit playing as a character and all types of little funny shit."

Cardi also said she wasn't particularly fond of the game as well. "Yeah because I be seeing the kids talk about the game, but I don’t really know. My favorite game is really Mortal Kombat."

In the comment section of the above IG video, the Father of 4 rapper doubled down on his allegiance to the COD franchise, saying, "CALL OF DUTY GANG LOL." It's clear that he has no interest in the Epic Games title. Maybe he needs a good coach to improve his game?

Fortnite's relationship with the hip-hop community has been interesting to watch. Aside from the ongoing legal battles concerning dances, it was reported in April that the music industry is actually looking to reap royalties from video games such as the battle royale title.

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