That Video of Ariana Grande Licking Donuts Is Now Under Police Investigation

And she still hasn't paid for them.

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Remember when Ariana Grande was out here licking donuts like some hellish fiend? And then said she hated America? Well, she may have apologized for that America statement but it's gonna take more than an apology for that health code-violating stunt (which she actually didn't even apologize for, it seems). 

After that strange video leaked of the pop star tonguing her boyfriend/backup dancer after tonguing some donuts, the Lake Elsinore police department is now investigating the sitch with Riverside County public health officials. And if you're curious, Wolfee Donuts employee Mayra Solis has confirmed that Ms. Grande has not purchased any of the donuts she spread her cooties on. That's rude AND gross. So lesson learned, Ariana? Donut do that next time (sorry).

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