Premiere: Prodigy and Mark The Beast Showcase the "Beast" Living Within Marvel's 'Black Panther'

Prodigy linked with Mark The Beast to drop a gem for Marvel's 'Black Panther' video series.

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In case you haven't been paying attention, Marvel Comics is swinging for the fences with their Ta-Nehisi Coates-penned/Brian Stelfreeze-drawn Black Panther series. Not only did it kick off with a dope homage to Jay Z's Black Album, but they've kicked off a video series based on the Wakandan King, with Run The Jewels soundtracking the first video. This week, they're back for round two with one of Queensbridge's finest, Prodigy, with Brooklyn's own Mark The Beast for an exclusive new banger, "Beast With It."

Over a thunderous, dubstep-driven instrumental, Prodigy digs into some of the themes from Coates' "A Nation Under Out Feet" story, which drops its third issue on Wednesday, June 29. Prodigy's lines reference the struggle going on in Wakanda right now, with T'Challa trying to maintain order as the Black Panther in a nation that's tired of his rule; it's hard to grow up living life one way to then have those actions and motives not only questioned, but fought against. The hard-hitting track is the perfect bed for the second video in this series, which details what went down in the second issue of Black Panther, featuring insight from Coates himself.

If you loved seeing Black Panther finally get some silver screen love in one of 2016's best movies (so far)Captain America: Civil War—and haven't picked up an issue from this new series, now's the time to dig in. Grab those issues ASAP, use the videos as a quick guide, and let Prodigy and Mark The Beast's "Beast With It" get you AMPED for the rest of this series. You can purchase the song on iTunes here and check out the trailer below. 

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