Justin Bieber's Best Tweets

Since the young age of 14, Justin Bieber has been all over social media platforms. It’s how he’s become the insanely famous pop star that we know him as today. His Twitter in particular has been full of gems from the get go, ranging from the weird to the sincere. We’ve got 20 of his best tweets ever right here.

This is a photo of Justin Bieber.

Image via Getty/Kevin Mazur/One Love Manchester

This is a photo of Justin Bieber.

It’s wild to think about Justin Bieber all the way back in 2008, when he was singing songs on YouTube at 14 (!) years old—a baby who had a song called “Baby,” if you will. However much people wanted to fight it, there was no denying that the Biebs was talented; he got signed from those videos (and that floppy hair) alone.

Once he hit the scene, teen girls caught on and made sure that he’d never be forgotten—and then everyone else followed. Bieber’s career has been quite the whirlwind; we’ve watched him grow from innocent teen pop star into the tattooed hypebeast that we know and (maybe) love today.

Now, at 24, with international fame, some VERY good albums under his belt, and a whole lot of drama, primarily because of his own diva antics, one has to wonder how the pop star himself reflects on his fame at such a tender age.

Even if a video or tweet gets deleted, it usually resurfaces as a screencap on Tumblr or Twitter, one that will haunt the heartthrob forever—like when he apologized for storming off stage in the middle of a show, and then deleted it. So does Biebs look back at what he’s tweeted and feel regret? Growth? Apathy?

He’s been tweeting for about a decade now, and has accumulated a pretty solid collection of tweets, ranging from the deeply sincere to the very confusing. He’s still pretty active on social media, either Instagramming Christ-like pics or tweeting about causes he believes in. But sometimes, even in 2018—and luckily for us—Bieber still gets weird on Twitter. Here are 20 of his best tweets, although honestly, there are probably way more than that.

Justin got in some hot water with fans about not having any team loyalty for some of his sports fashion choices. His response is pretty relatable—if you were getting things for free out of “love” wouldn’t you wear them?

Biebs was very open about his “dick area” being affected by spilled flowers while driving. But like the benevolent prince that he is, he’s just glad he was able to make his Beliebers laugh.

Back in 2015, Bieber put his intentions out into the world: He wanted a Super Bowl commercial of his very own. In 2017, the universe delivered with his T-Mobile commercial. He retweeted his 2015 tweet as a thank you.

Honestly, some of Bieber’s tweets don’t really make any sense, and this is one of them. He says that this is his “I Love You” face. Perhaps it is, but it also just looks like his face.

If you’ve kept up on your Bieber knowledge, you are well aware that he has a hot dirtbag dad named Jeremy Bieber. Bieber is clearly very proud of those #biebergenes, because he posted a pretty good #tbt of Daddy Bieber.

Of all animals Justin Bieber could have wanted to be—he decided on a liger. Yes, a liger, of Napoleon Dynamite fame. A liger is a hybrid between a male lion and a female tiger and are the largest of all feline species. So maybe that’s WHY he chose that one.

Bieber’s not using social media to play—he’s using it to make sure the media doesn’t get him twisted. Apparently, Bieber was using this tweet to fire back at the New York Times, who described his Brooklyn Purpose Tour performance as “apathetic.”

Bieber claims he has nine lives in this one, which might be true considering how much shit he’s gone through in his short life. Still, this video is a bit frightening.

There’s a lot to unpack in this tweet. First, the Biebs is trying to get Taye Diggs to come hang out and would like him to bring jeans. Second, Bieber is already living the high life with three iguanas—not four—and some yellow cake. Go off, I guess.

This is honestly a pretty basic, ”pop star shouts out his sexy lady fans” tweet. Doesn’t Lil B do that on a daily basis? But this one is a little weird, considering that it’s from 2009, and when Bieber would have been 15. Ew.

On a very human level, this might be Bieber’s deepest tweet ever. Yes, we are all alone Justin, even you. But musically, doesn’t this make you really want a Justin Bieber emo album immediately?

Alert the presses! Justin Bieber could FALL IN LOVE with a fan! Granted this was back in 2010, when Bieber was still young and naive, but who the hell knows it could still happen. Well until he picks back up with Selena Gomez, again.

It’s wonderful to know that Biebs is a Panera stan, but what is his order? Has he hit up their breakfast? Also, has he ever actually held an after party at Panera? Because that’d be truly lit.

There’s literally nothing that can be disputed about this very perfect tweet. He’s right—naps are awesome.

When Bieber initially tweeted a list of women’s names, his fans went nuts, because no one had any idea what it meant. Eventually, it was revealed that it was the names of the Victoria’s Secret models in a new video of his. Still, Bieber tweeting a random group of names with no explanation wouldn’t have been that off brand.

There are a number of ways to interpret this tweet. At this point, Biebs is a FULL teenager, so he could just be asking a hypothetical question to Katy Perry about her hit song “Teenage Dream.” But in a much grosser possibility, he could have been shooting his shot, which...wow.

While there are probably hundreds of Bieber tweets that are secretly about Gomez, he hit her up directly in this one to congratulate her. It’s kinda sweet to think about—back in 2011, things were much simpler for the on-and-off pair.

Bieber cryptically tweeted that Chuck Norris, #old action legend, wears Justin Bieber pajamas. While this was never confirmed, Norris did wish Biebs a happy birthday in March 2012, so maybe those are the origins of this still very strange tweet.

No matter what you’ve heard or read, Biebs is a simple guy. He just wants to make people smile...and teach everyone the perfect squat. We’re always up for new workout plan tips, so Biebs, what’s good?

While this tweet might not have a ton in terms of text, there’s more than enough subtext to go around. Bieber is flexing his heavily tatted bod while reading what appears to be the Bible on a private plane. He’s just like us!

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