The Evolution of Jazz Cartier Continues on 'Fleurever'

Toronto Rapper Jazz Cartier discusses growth on his upcoming album 'Fleurever' and his excitement about being on the radio again in the new video series Run the Show.

Jazz Cartier is ready to hear himself on the radio again. “It’s been so long, it’s been like two years,” he tells Complex in Chapter 3 of our "Run The Show" series (above). “But it’s gonna be good.” 

After a mini hiatus from making music, Cartier dropped a series of singles, including "Right Now" and "Tempted," leading up to the release of his highly anticipated project Fleurever last week.  

“As long as there’s growth, there’s progression,” he says. Cartier's evolution as an artist stands out in particular on the album. He's managed to continue to embody the spirit of Toronto, while also picking up new sounds and styles from his travels. Ultimately, it took returning home to The Six, and logging hours in both the studio and an Airbnb to compose Fleurever.

Cartier brings a lot of energy on the album, and as he describes in our profile story on him, happiness is crucial. “I can't be grillin' all the time and so serious. That shit's wack, you know? Especially in this day and age, like, c'mon, we've only got one life to live.”

For more on Jazz Cartier, peep the video above, and catch Chapters 1 and 2 of "Run The Show" here and here

Styling by Bobby Bowen; both red and blue pajama suits by Sies Marjan.

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