Trina And Plies Are the Michelle and Barack Obama Of Summer 2015

God bless America.

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I can't front like I recognize all of the musicians featured in the video for the nonetheless excellent "S.Y.U. (Sex You Up)." Homeboy sitting in the armchair at the 0:25 mark, for instance, resembles the scruffy dark-skinned brother who used to do those Trey Songz impersonations on YouTube. And he kinda sounds like him, too. Hmmmmmmmm.

In any case, YMCMB's DJ E-Feezy present Trina and Plies' submission to this year's Song Of The Summer sweepstakes. The beat sounds like something you'd find on an underrated Messy Marv album, and the hook is a Color Me Badd jack, of course. The "S.Y.U." music video is "candid" footage of a music video shoot, a concept too postmodern and meta for me to explain properly.

Thankfully, Plies shutters any and all hints of glamour with his opening bar: "If ya pussy smell like chitterlings, leave me the fuck alone!" Trina makes a point of co-signing this expectation of genital hygiene in her opening bar, too. That's a joint public health initiative that Democrats and Republicans alike can get behind, I suppose.

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