Listen to Willow Smith's "HEART"

Willow Smith was locked out of her SoundCloud earlier today. She got back in and posted a new track to celebrate.

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Willow Smith had a sad thing happen to her today. She was locked out of her SoundCloud account.  

Shortly thereafter, she regained access, somehow, and posted up "HEART," produced by Choatic. Following her first EP and subsequent tour with Jhené Aiko and SZA, Willow is primed to continue her wholeheartedly funky rise in the Millennial R&B Power Rankings.

Laser-like synths and trolling drums shoot out from "HEART" all while Willow sings powerfully. Strong enough so, that she decides to go on a bender about building inter-dimensional things: "I don't think it's fair that you're on earth/And I'm up, up here making stars and planets, and galaxies, and planets, making a life in other dimensions," she sings before scatting her way to the end of the two-minute track. While the production is more experimental than what we've heard her sing over before, her scathing lyrics and mystical vibes are still ever present, and exponentially improving. 

Says Willow on the song: "I thought I'd post a little something celebrating the end of the chaotic time whilst I wasn't able to log in this account. Eywa Ngahu." (Don't worry, that last bit isn't English, or any human language for that matter. It's Na'vi, the Avatar language, for "good-bye.") She's too real

Stream "HEART" below. 

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