Ma$e Performed To a Crowd of Less Than 50 People in London Tonight

After Foxy Brown and Fat Joe bailed on the show, it was up to Ma$e to save the day.

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There are few events in life that are more deflating than having an audience not reciprocate your energy or message. Whether you're presenting or performing a speech or a presentation, or in Ma$e's case as a professional rapper—performing live rap to an expected crowd of thousands—if the people you're trying to connect to aren't showing the love back, it's a real kick in the nuts. 

Earlier tonight in London, Ma$e got metaphorically kicked in the nuts, but not by the concert-goers who showed out to the Indigo at the O2, but by all the people who decided to not go. Ma$e was originally on the bill with fellow New Yorkers Fat Joe and Foxy Brown, but Joe wasn't able to get in the country, and Brown pulled out. With two-thirds of the concert effectively canceled, Ma$e was left to perform to less than 50 people in a venue that has a capacity of 2,350. Unfortunately for Ma$e, what should've been a dope display of classic New York rap in London basically became another sound check. 

Ben Anderson was one of the few dozens in attendance. The photos and thoughts he shared on Twitter were just plain sad.

To Ma$e's credit, he kept it cool and performed—no tantrums or beef with the promoters (publicly, at least).  The people who showed up (assuming they were big Ma$e fans and that's why they came anyway) got an intimate show for their $63 tickets. 

The show going on, however, didn't stop Foxy Brown from taking shots at Ma$e's under whelming crowd. She didn't mention why she bailed on performing though.



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