Joey Badass Accuses American Airlines of Racial Profiling

This does NOT look good for the airline.

This is a photo of Joe Badass.

Image via Getty/Zachary Mazur

This is a photo of Joe Badass.

American Airlines needs to get it TF together, apparently. Teeny-tiny bathrooms are one thing, but now the airline is being accused of racial profiling… and it’s not the first time.

On Sunday, Joey Badass took to Twitter to put the airline on blast for just that. Apparently, shit went down when the rapper/actor/producer was putting his carry-on luggage in the overhead compartment of the first class cabin, where he had booked his seat.

As per Joey’s tweets, one of the flight attendants told him, “‘excuse me sir you can’t put your bag there that’s for our first class customers.’” Cringe… that does not look good for the airline. TBH, it feels even more egregious than Jason Derulo’s heated altercation with American Airlines staff over checked bags last year, for which the Derulo also blamed racial profiling.

Joey goes on to call the flight attendant in question a “stupid bitch,” and while I completely understand his anger, “stupid” would have sufficed. Just saying.

Anyway, when American Airlines tried to tweet an apology at the rapper, he was not having it, especially since the airline had failed to make good on the promise that someone would be waiting for him at the gate upon arrival. “Be honest, you guys said this just for Twitter,” Joey wrote. “Didn’t see anyone waiting to meet me when I arrived. And even if there was, trust I wasn’t interested. But thank you anyway… for nothing.”

Guess it's #teamdelta for Joey from now on.

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