Charles Hamilton Says Kanye West Was Living the 'Black American Dream' When They Met

The rapper/producer also declared himself the first hip-hop blogger.

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Charles Hamilton says he doesn't like to share his unfavorable opinions about other entertainers. Why? Because many of them are more financially successful.

The rapper/producer explained his position during a recent appearance on the Bedroom Beethovens podcast. Hamilton, who has been in the game for over a decade, credited himself for influencing a number of artists who have surpassed him in terms of money and fame. One such artist is Kanye West.

"When I met Kanye West he was sipping champagne with a white woman, so he was already living 75 percent of the black American dream," Hamilton explained (20:00) I also, I spit with him or whatever. It is what it is ... I played some joints from The Pink Lavalamp for him, and he was about to cry ... with his white woman."

Hamilton continued: "I might be guilty of giving Kanye more creative props than he really is worth ... What shuts me up and what makes me keep my opinion to myself: Everybody of whom I have a low opinion or no opinion—because they are factually bullshit—have more money documented than I do. So they're winning. So if I say, 'Yo, you're a fucking f****t' to either Kanye or anybody rapping, all they gotta say is, 'I checked my bank account; I guess today was a good day.' That shuts the whole conversation down."

Hamilton said many artists, including Kanye, have used his ideas to make money: "And I can't say nothing about it. [Because] either the music was free, or they're choosing not to acknowledge it."

The 31-year-old also suggested that his blog is what inspired Kanye to launch—a now-defunct blog 'Ye started about a decade ago.

"I was the first hip-hop blogger. Period. That's why I get kind of Rodney Dangerfield," Hamilton said (19:00). "There would be no NahRight, there would be no YouHeardThatNew. I mean, there wouldn't even be a Perez Hilton if it wasn't for me blogging."

He continued: "I deadass was the hip-hop blogger. I've got awards in English, like, in journalism. I know how to write. I'm not that dumb. So when all these blogs came out, I just sat back like, 'No look at the crabs on my dick.'"

You can listen to Hamilton's full interview via YouTube above. He also speaks on Sonic the Hedgehog, his musical influences, surviving in NYC, his approach to sampling. 

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