Quavo Revisits DM That Lead to a Relationship With Saweetie

Quavo revealed how he was able to successfully slide into Saweetie’s DMs, and you should definitely not try this in your personal life.

Saweetie and Quavo attend the 2019 GQ Men of the Year.

Image via Getty/Amy Sussman

Saweetie and Quavo attend the 2019 GQ Men of the Year.

Quavo took to Twitter on Wednesday to reveal the initial DM exchange that started a dialogue with Saweetie and eventually turned them into #relationshipgoals

HOW I PULLED UP: HOW WE COMING 😂 pic.twitter.com/hIYyicrfIj

— QuavoYRN (@QuavoStuntin) October 7, 2020

"I seen her on my Explore page," Quavo previously said to GQ in an interview that was published back in July. "I was like, ‘Damn! Who is this?’ So I did my research and I DM her. I was like, ‘How she going to call herself icy and she don't talk to me?’" Quavo continued, "So I slid in her DM... I told her, ‘You an icy girl, you need a glacier boy.’"

Now, before you go into sliding into someone's DMs believing Quavo has supplied you with the cheat codes, you need to come to one very important realization: You’re not Quavo.

"U so icy ima glacier boy" is a pickup line only Quavo can use successfully. Y'all stop trying to measure that man's success by regular standards, lol. 🔥

— Richie The Drift God (@richiebranson) October 7, 2020

Some young man is going to try this and get curved https://t.co/GDsRw18QNj

— Maybe: Jacoby (@Getthebagcoach) October 7, 2020

Quavo look what you started man smh pic.twitter.com/k8QKX7c5bE

— weezy (@Anweezy_) October 7, 2020

Of course, most people know that if they were to do the same as Quavo, their own success rate would be, give or take, around zero percent. But some people still had to try it out. 

Straight to the point I been wanting this man 😂😂 https://t.co/JrpZByRrGB

— 💎 (@Saweetie) October 7, 2020

Fellas if you don’t have a crazy bag, please don’t DM these ladies a damn snowflake 😂😂😂! Quavo funny af

— Woo (Dropping an exclusive FAMU piece) (@BiggWoo_TF) October 7, 2020

Moral of the story is get rich cos what nonsense is this https://t.co/DG8pPCz8XU

— ً ً (@JamzLnd) October 7, 2020

Aside from admittedly "wanting this man," Saweetie explained that she also admired Quavo’s straight-forward approach. 

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