Offset’s Advice to 6ix9ine: 'Just Know What You Doing'

"My OG used to tell me, you get in that water, you better know how to swim," Offset said.

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Offset passed along some advice to 6ix9ine in his interview with Big Boy in the event that the 22-year-old rapper dodged significant jail time by snitching on the people within his crew. "My OG used to tell me, you get in that water, you better know how to swim," Offset said. "You a grown man at the end of the day. You a grown man. Grown men make grown men decisions."

Last month, rumored details of 6ix9ine’s guilty plea deal over racketeering, weapons, and drugs charges surfaced, which included a report that he planned to fully cooperate with federal authorities, and potentially "reveal the the activities of individuals" in exchange for a lighter sentence. He was facing a minimum of 47 years. Sara Molina, the mother of his child, believes his cooperation will lead to him avoiding any time behind bars.

Even if it’s true that his cooperation will land 6ix9ine in witness protection, Offset wants him to know that his "safety is a problem now" regardless. "You choose the streets and you go left on the streets, your safety is a problem now because you chose the streets," he said. "Just know what you doing."

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Offset hasn't been the only one to express concern over 6ix9ine's safety if he ever gets out. He will face sentencing on January 23 of next year. 

The Migos rapper also touched on a variety of other topics during the chat. 

Offset understands that with his growth as a person, his music would need to also grow. With Father of 4, he wanted to swap out the type of music that made Migos famous for something more substantive, saying, “Fun music, I just feel like I’m past that, I already did that.”

“I just wanted to take my time, and really make an album, not a mixtape,” Offset said of the delay to his solo project, reiterating the belief that he wanted to make something more than just a body of work full of hits.

Elsewhere in the chat, he talked about how he and Cardi B are repairing their relationship though he only conceded that they decided to “slow down and not be so public.” 

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