Zedd Says He'll Leave America If Donald Trump Becomes President

He isn't the only artist getting political this campaign.

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Zedd is clearly not a fan of Donald Trump. Earlier today, the producer took to his Twitter to voice his distaste for the Republican presidential candidate, declaring he will move back to Germany where he was born if Trump wins. In case you missed it, Trump and Bernie Sandersboth won New Hampshire’s primary on Tuesday, which is most likely what prompted Zedd to share his opinion. He didn't make it known which candidate he does like, though it's fair to say Trump  is at the bottom of his list.

If Donald Trump becomes president, I'll move back to Germany.

And Zedd isn't the only artist vocalizing his dislike of the presidential nominee. Back in December, Mac Miller pleaded with fans not to elect him to the presidency. Elsewhere, other artists are making their political views known, including Killer Mike, Lil BVampire Weekend, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who have all vocalized their support and volunteered for Bernie's campaign.

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