Miley Cyrus Hosting the VMA's Is "Not Going to Be Safe for Children," Says Parents Television Council

Parents Television Council releases statement about Miley Cyrus hosting this year's VMA's.

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In today's LOL news, the Parents Television Council has made a statement that with Miley Cyrus as the newly named host of this year's VMA's the show is "not going to be safe for children to watch. In an interview with Gossip Cop, PTC President Tim Winter explained he believes this year's show will be inherently more "profane" and "edgy" than last year's show with Miley hosting. "It's not going to be safe for children to watch. So, they must rate it TV-MA. With Miley’s shtick, it’s probably going to be very edgy, very profane, very sexually explicit...[Miley has been] dropping F-bombs in her announcement on social media." Winter went on explaining he believes MTV selected Miley to bring attention to the network.“I think it’s unfortunate she built her entire career on the backs of parents and now she’s basically giving them the middle finger."

To that response I say, spoiler alert: MTV always select their host with the hope that person will help score high ratings. And to his remark about her giving parents the middle finger, I am confused. Was she supposed to act 12 her whole life? Besides being known for her infamous performance with Robin Thicke two years ago, maybe he should check out last year's show where the most controversial thing she did was bring her friend Jesse to shed light on the rates of teen homelessness or her recent pro-action to help homeless and LGBT youth with the creation of her Happy Hippie Foundation. Given this year's list of nominations, Miley set as host and the excitement to see how this week's Twitter exchanges will play out, the show is fated for good ratings this year. The 2015 VMAs will air live from L.A.’s Microsoft Theater at 9 p.m. ET, on Sunday, August 30.

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