Chance the Rapper, John Legend, Meek Mill, and More Speak Out About Philando Castile

Meek Mill, John Legend, T.I. and other artists take to social media to express their outrage over the senseless killing of Philando Castile.

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Less than 24 hours after the tragic shooting of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile was shot and killed by a police officer while being pulled over during a routine traffic stop Wednesday night in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. Castile was driving the car alongside his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, and their 4-year-old daughter.

The aftermath of shooting was captured on video via Facebook live by Reynolds and the graphic video has sparked even more outrage from the country's citizens, including a police officer whose reaction video has since gone viral, and a number of musicians who are using their large platforms to speak out. "We should not have to jump through hoops to prove black people shouldn't be shot by police during routine traffic stops," tweeted John Legend.

Meanwhile, DJ Skee has come out noting that he knew Castile personally. "WTF! I went to school with #PhilandoCastile & remember him as a great guy. Another senseless murder by our 'protectors.' How does this stop?" he asked.

You can read all of their reactions below.

What happened in Baton Rouge is unacceptable. We really gotta do something. THE POLICE GET AWAY WITH MURDER
We should not have to jump through hoops to prove black people shouldn't be shot by police during routine traffic stops.
We have fucking video proof and some of you still are all "well, uh, he shouldn't have moved his left leg so provocatively".
So many people work so hard to find a reason why executing a human being during a routine traffic stop is ok. IT'S NOT OK
WTF! I went to school with #PhilandoCastile & remember him as a great guy. Another senseless murder by our "protectors." How does this stop?
These guys murdered this man with his 4 year old daughter in the backseat? Is there any situation where police get arrested? Or convicted?
Another day, another hashtag. You didn't deserve this, brother. You didn't deserve this. #PhilandoCastile
There are so many broken, backwards issues at play here it's numbing to digest. #PhilandoCastile #AltonSterling #blacklivesmatter
Wow...... Back to back just like that. #PhilandoCastile.. RIP big bruh
Killing us just about 24 hours apart.. Like its practice. I know many of us don't know how to go about change, but I can feel it coming..
"How are you policing and enforcing from a precinct in a neighborhood with people that you only…
“It’s ok mommy, I’m right here”…. I can’t imagine, what’s even more sad, I don’t have to.
Smh! What is the world coming to! A child in the car to? Really! If u have a heart u gotta feel this😰 so many emotions!
Another day...another hashtag...
If your black & in the hood the cops are terrifying #differentTERRORISM
Pray4 #AltonSterling & #PhilandoCastile fam
#PhilandoCastile 🙏🏾 this video hurt
"It's okay mommy. It's okay, I'm right here with you" #PhilandoCastile's girlfriend's 4yo daughter said to her mother. & I am broken.
#FalconHeightsShooting & #altonsterling respective for a busted TAILlight & CDs?! Should call for the POTUS to issue GOVT for POLICE REFORM
I had to draw this quick before I slept ... USA FOP NRA 'The New Grim Reaper?'
Time to MOBILIZE!!! fuck this shit... They are blatantly killing black ppl!!! Att. All leaders I'm here for you I wanna fight...
Black White Spanish Asian All ppl it's time to MOBILIZE!!! Police officers the so called good ones better stand up and call FOUL!!!
We're being hunted!!!
It hasn't even been fucking 48 hours since the last shooting...
Hey if anyone cares. They murdered another innocent man in front of a baby. live on facebook #philandocastile Gn .
We go threw so much as a whole
Police get away wit Murder
Police get away wit Murder
Still are motive be commas
And still my life isn't promised
Still nervous as drivers
You see tHem ligHts get beHind us
THey pull me out for my priors
Wont let me freeze for tHey fire 
You say tHat footage a liar
THey want my flow in tHe dryer
Im at tHe top aimin HigHer 
My lawyers stay on retainer
WHen wHite folks point tHe finger
Place my neck on tHat Hanger
SHit no wonder we riot
Niggas still killin niggas
CHild support killin niggas
Cops enslaven us niggas
Little girls killin motHers
THey treat tHey kid like a brotHa
FatHers stuck witH tHem lifers
Kept it real wit us niggas
But left His kid for da sucks
SHit no wonder we bang
Damn sHame mane 
sometHings will neva cHange
This IS systemic. We MUST DO BETTER. My heart goes out to the families of #AltonSterling and #PhilandoCastile May they both Rest In Peace.
Anger and frustration is the fuel to change.
I can count 5 parents in the last 3 hours who have text me and said my child just asked me "AM I GOING TO DIE"?!?
The TRAUMA that is being passed on to us, and OUR CHILDREN by this non stop murder of our brothers and sisters is sickening...
lynchings were public to keep a class system based on race intact in the Jim Crow south. Public Executions by Police 2day do the same.
I just watched the #philandocastile video. Shaking. And she's still calling this "officer" sir the whole time.
Ain't no race war. Black ppl ain't systematically murdering white folks, or looking to.
Explain to them that in America have have due process. Cops are not judge jury and executioner.
We need organization. Huey, Malcolm & Martin didn't accomplish change by senseless violence. They didn't all turn the other cheek either.
We will be strong. We will fight back. But we will do it with unity.
What happened in Dallas was inevitable. You can't kill us over & over without repercussion. But now we move forward strategically.
Your inherent white privilege has saved you from understanding a lifetime of abuse from police. Feel for us.
Do you think police forces in America are discriminately abusive to people of color?
I see life do different
Its scary
We all dreamers living in a nightmare

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