Here's How 'Hamilton,' One of the Biggest Broadway Hits of the Year, Came Together

"60 Minutes" takes us behind the scenes of the hit musical.

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There's a new smash musical on Broadway. Created by Lin-Manuel Miranda, "Hamilton" was inspired by the 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton and tells the story of this founding father entirely through rapid-fire raps and hip-hop. "He needed to be from the future, just this world-beating intellect," Miranda told "60 Minutes" host Charlie Rose. "So every couplet had to be unimpeachable." Cast member Leslie Odom, Jr. explained that Miranda "made these dead white guys make sense to a bunch of, you know, black and brown people. He's made them make sense in the context of our time, with our music." 

Watch the "60 Minutes" clip above to get a taste of the recording session and hear what creator Lin-Manuel Miranda had to say about the story behind his hit musical.

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