Amy Winehouse Explores NYC in Previously Unseen 'Amy' Clip

Amy takes on an Eastern European accent and goes by the name Anastasia in the unseen clip.

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Amy Winehouse's posthumous documentary Amy featured a slew of previously unseen footage of the singer. One of the clips shows a young Amy singing "Happy Birthday" to her friend in only a way she could. While the movie received criticism from the Winehouse family for being "misleading," the movie undoubtedly offered fans and critics alike an intimate new perspective of the late star. 

Today, a deleted scene from the movie hit the internet in anticipation of the film's DVD release. In the clip, Amy can be seen visiting New York City with her manager Nick Shymansky. As he records, Amy blows kisses into the camera before taking on an Eastern European accent and dubbing herself Anastasia. As they set out to walk around New York, Nick goes to reach for a map before Amy insists they just wander and "find somewhere." It also appears she had a love for the WWE, expressing interest in visiting the wrestling-themed restaurant The World that existed in Times Square from 1999-2003. Watch the clip above. Amy will be available on DVD Nov. 2.

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