Adele's '25' Reportedly Won't be On Streaming Services Right Away

'25' drops tomorrow.

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With Adele's new album 25 scheduled to drop TOMORROW, we won't be waiting much longer until we get to devour the new music. However, a new report in The New York Times claims that the album won't be on music streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify right away. It's been no secret that the sale projects for 25 have been insane with the album currently projected to sell 2.5 million copies in its first week according to Billboard which would beat out both Britney Spears' mark of 1.32 million sold in 2000 with Oops!.... I Did it Again and Taylor Swift's 1989 which sold 1.29 million copies last year. If the projections hold up, 25 would be the first album of 2015 to sell over a million in the first week. Adele keeping 25 temporarily off of music streaming services would only serve to increase these numbers.

According to the Times, Adele was personally involved in the decision. The move could set a huge precedent for the industry who is still navigating the world of music streaming and adjusting to a declining number of sales. The decision leaves us wondering if this is about music streaming royalties, like Taylor Swiftstated last year when she famously removed all of her music from Spotify, or something else. A representative for Adele did not immediately return a request for comment. Apple Music said they cannot comment at this time.

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