Premiere: Ace Hood and Rick Ross Team Up on "Go Mode"

Ace Hood and Rick Ross's chemistry is as tight as ever on their latest collaboration, "Go Mode," off the forthcoming 'StarVation' mixtape.

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Ace Hood is quickly gearing up for the release of his fifth Starvation mixtape and gets one step closer today with the premiere of "Go Mode." The track opens up with Ace sounding as calm and confident as ever. "I ain't tripping over shit, I got it," he spits. It isn't too long before Rick Ross shows up to rip through his own air-tight bars about staying alive and thriving in a hectic time of ruthless circumstances and an even more ruthless world.

"Wrote this record from a show and prove perspective," Ace told Complex over email. "'Go Mode' to me is the equivalent of being in beast mode, just going after whatever it is you want by any means necessary." That sentiment is apparent throughout the track that grinds along, seamlessly pumping us up in the process to go into our own beast mode. This isn't the first time that Ace and Rozay have linked up and their same chemistry that shined through on the "Hustle Hard" remix and the unstoppable "Bugatti" is as palpable as ever on their latest joint effort.

The release follows a few cuts from Ace that he's already given us this year including "1st Round Draft Pick,""4th Quarter," and then surprised us all with his softer, piano-laced "Father's Day" anthem. Together, all the songs have began to build a picture of the sound Ace is aiming for on his new project and definitely hint at his continual growth as a rapper. If these songs are any indication, we can't wait to see what else he has in store when the fifth installment of his series drops later this month.

Listen to the premiere of "Go Mode" below and be sure to look out for Ace's forthcoming mixtape, StarVation, that is set to arrive July 11.

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