Freddie Gibbs And Black Thought Unite On "Extradite"

Freddie Gibbs releases two new singles from his 'Shadow of a Doubt' album.

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Freddie Gibbs is back with a vengeance. The Indiana rapper has had a big year—his first daughter was born in April—but his musical output has slowed down a bit. That all changed a couple weeks ago with the announcement of Gibbs' next album, Shadow of a Doubt, news he shared alongside the record's first video and single "Fuckin' Up The Count." Now, Gibbs is back with some more from the album, and he's in good company this time around. 

Gibbs teamed up with Roots frontman Black Thought for "Extradite," where we hear a barrage of no-nonsense lyricism over the never-out-of-style "Nautilus" break. On top of that, the Pinata rapper also released a new single called "Packages" featuring ManMan Savage, a complete lane-switch that finds its stride all the same.

Listen to "Extradite" and "Packages" below:

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