East London Rap Riser Zino Vinci Shares Debut Project ‘Filthy & Disgusting’

A six-track ode to London, his description of the city is what gives the EP its name.

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One of the brightest new talents bubbling up in the UK, Zino Vinci has been gathering pace this year with a rock-solid run of hits and it’s all been leading up to the release of his debut EP, Filthy & Disgusting.

WIZE-produced grime/drill hybrid “CEO Of The Friendship Group” lit the fuse at the tail end of last year and since then, we’ve had more than a few gems, including the more sombre “First Time”, bassy funk jam “Filth”, and the nostalgia-driven “Tamagotchi Crocs”.

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Video via YouTube

As a complete piece, it’s as eclectic as it gets and a comprehensive rundown of who the East London artist is and what he’s capable of. To assist him, he’s brought in a team that includes Earbuds, Cole Yours Truly, Mont Jake, Piro, guapobeatz and 169.

Tap in below.

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