Poet Kicks Off A New Era In Vibbar With ‘4 Seasons’ Project

The new series of releases is said to offer a launchpad to emerging artists they’re working with.

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Vibbar—the collective of musicians and creatives that includes Skitz, Skribz, Jordy, Poet, Confect and others at its core—is sharing a new EP from one of those central members: rhymer, podcaster, and presenter Poet.

4 Seasons is the first in a new series of releases from the collective. Although Poet kicks off the series, subsequent editions will come from up-and-coming artists that the collective will be working closely with for a boost.

This inaugural four-tracker plots a course through several shades of rap, switching up in tone to reflect the time of year. Joining him on the journey are friend and regular collaborators Harry Pinero, Louis Rei, and TJ 2 Percent. Even his mum makes an appearance.

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Video via YouTube

Speaking on the Vibbar ethos, Poet shares: “I told man, anyone can jump on a Vibbar tune. How can TJ be on a hook, Harry P be on the interlude of the song, and my mum on a intro? You watch when I got 2Pac on the outro next project.”

Press play below.


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