Kali Claire & Shaé Universe Urge For Cooler Heads To Prevail On “Wish You Wouldn’t”

A lightning-in-a-bottle pairing from two of UK R&B’s finest new talents.

Image via Publicist

Kali Claire and Shaé Universe’s respective takes on R&B may appear pretty different—Shaé, a pioneer of R&Drill, and Kali with a sound that spans a broad spread of R&B, soul and pop sounds—but their new single, “Wish You Wouldn’t”, shows they’ve got plenty in common.

In an Instagram caption announcing the track’s release, Kali explains the song is about the gut-punch realistation that hits after an argument once tempers have cooled: “This song is for when you’re in your feels, for when you say something mean because you were in a bad mood and then regret it after, and for when you can’t out how you feel into words. I needed someone meaningful on this song and this woman right here glided like silk.”

It’s been a great year for both artists. Kali made a victorious return after a year’s break from releasing music with a trio of acclaimed singles, while Shaé has broken out in a big way and proven her versatility beyond doubt.

As fans hope and pray this isn’t the last time they collaborate, we do at least know that a video is also on the way. In the meantime, tap into “Wish You Wouldn’t” below.

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