Macklemore Drops “Hind's Hall” Track in Support of Palestine, Shades People for Caring More About Drake Beef

While showing solidarity with Palestine, Macklemore also mentions President Biden and Drake.

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Macklemore is standing up for college students protesting on campus and daring others to do the same with his pro-Palestine protest song.

On Monday (May 6), the Seattle native debuted his new single "Hind's Hall" in solidarity with Palestine. The rapper also pledged to donate all proceeds from the song to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East.

HIND’S HALL. Once it’s up on streaming all proceeds to UNRWA.

— Macklemore (@macklemore) May 6, 2024
Twitter: @macklemore

In opening lines, Macklemore shouts out N.W.A. for teaching him about "Fuck Tha Police."

"When I was seven, I learned a lesson from Cube and Eazy-E
What was it again? Oh yeah, fuck the police (Woo)
Actors in badges protecting property
And a system that was designed by white supremacy (Brrt)
But the people are in the streets
You can pay off Meta, you can't pay off me"

He also mentions the student protests at Columbia and other campuses, while blasting President Biden over Gaza.

"If students in tents posted on the lawn
Occupyin' the quad is really against the law
And a reason to call in the police and their squad
Where does genocide land in your definition, huh? (Hey, hey)
Destroyin' every college in Gaza and every mosque
Pushin' everyone into Rafah and droppin' bombs
The blood is on your hands, Biden, we can see it all
And fuck no, I'm not votin' for you in the fall (Woo)"

In the last verse of "Hind's Hall," Macklemore tries to rally other artists to use their platform to speak out in support of the people in Gaza rather than spend their time being consumed with the Drake beef.

"The music industry’s quiet, complicit in their platform of silence
What happened to the artist, what do you got to say?
If I was on a label you could drop me today
And be fine with it ’cause the heart fed my page
I want a ceasefire, fuck a response from Drake
What you willin' to risk? What you willin' to give?
What if you were in Gaza? What if those were your kids?
If the West was pretendin' that you didn't exist
You'd want the world to stand up and the students finally did, let's get it (Woo)”

But while Macklemore has used his platform over the last year to decry the bloodshed in Gaza, Drake's efforts have also been present. Of note, Drake previously signed the ArtistsforCeasefire Now open letter that called on Biden and Congress to demand that Israel stop bombing Gaza.

Lamar, however, did not sign the letter, which some pointed out on social media over the weekend, when he dropped two back-to-back Drake diss tracks.

While it could be that Macklemore wants the public to keep their attention on Gaza rather than Drake vs. Kendrick, the 6 God could respond to "Hind's Hall" on an upcoming diss record. If he's not already on vacation.

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