JT Unleashes Extended Version of "Okay," Claps Back at Sukihana and Other Rappers

The extended version of JT's single follows Suki's recent diss track "Cocaine," directed at the City Girls rapper.

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JT appears to be returning fire to Sukihana and her other adversaries.

To kick off the weekend, on Friday (May 10), the City Girls member dropped a surprise extended version of her latest single "Okay." On the updated track, JT delivers some scathing bars toward her opposition.

According to Genius, JT raps the following in her new verse:

"Momma said, "Let it go," but I ain't, though (Sorry)
Ain't no way I'm ever layin' down for you stank hoes (Let's get it)
Jean Paul Gaultier while Bucci get the angles
You bitches gettin' slutted out and eatin' niggas anals (Ew)
Tell these bitches why y'all really mad
'Cause y'all said I couldn't do it, look at my black ass"
Billboard Hot 100 on a Monday
Popped out after Met, performed at Runway
Y'all hoes know y'all can't fuck with me
That's why y'all in a hurdle, tryna see how y'all can fuck with me
Flew to Italy just to eat a cheese board
I clap back in a app 'cause a bitch bored
Foot draggin' bitch, must be really needin' shoes
To be clear hoe, this for you, you, and you (Pussy)
You ain't a threat or a fuckin' goon
City Cinderella comin' soon, yeah

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Though she doesn't name names, fans are noting that the extended track seems to been aimed at Suki, with potential additional jabs for Asian Doll and GloRilla—all three rappers who JT has fought with online in the past month.

JT's primary target, however, appears to be Sukihana. Suki is well known as an adult entertainment performer, as well as a rapper and reality show star on Zeus' Baddies. After JT initially released "Okay," Sukihana responded with her diss track "Cocaine," launching numerous attacks and making various allegations against JT.

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The diss track followed back and forth between the two rappers online, after Sukihana posted a video on Instagram asking whether the Miami rapper was calling out her or JT's more infamous rival Cardi B in the original version of "Okay."

In an original verse of the song, JT raps, "She ate crab legs, now her whole tooth missin’/ Cheap ass veneers, you stay talkin’ shit."

That's the line Sukihana seemed to have a problem with, replying, "We all know I did break my teeth on some crab legs. I love crab legs, that’s normal shit."

"JT, just clear it up ’cause I know you see people tagging me and Cardi. Let us know who you talking about. I just don’t feel like me and you got no shade," she continued.

JT responded to the question with a series of attacks on X, which she references in the extended version of "Okay."

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